Sometimes keeping your home clean seems so overwhelming that you don’t know where to start. But housework doesn’t have to be something you avoid. Check out these ten tricks for easier house cleaning. You’ll learn to keep your home tidy with minimal effort.

For Easier House Cleaning, Set a Timer

Sometimes, you only need a few minutes to make a big difference in your chore list. Set a timer for a few minutes each day to tackle a few tasks, like vacuuming, unloading the dishwasher, or folding laundry.

Throw a Tennis Ball in the Dryer

Throw a tennis ball in the dryer to keep clothes wrinkle-free without the hassle of ironing. The tennis ball keeps fabrics from bunching, preventing wrinkles.

Clean the Fridge Before Shopping

When the fridge is almost empty, just before shopping, take a few minutes to wipe the fridge shelves and clean the drawers. It’s wise to handle this before filling the fridge with new groceries. Clean the refrigerator frequently to prevent stubborn stains and sticky debris.

Use a Robot Vacuum for Easier House Cleaning

If you hate to vacuum, invest in a robot vacuum. These modern vacuums are practical, save time, and work on various types of floors.

Simplify Your Routine

Instead of trying to accomplish all the housekeeping at once, do a little each day. Cleaning in smaller increments makes cleaning even a large home more manageable and less stressful.

For Easier House Cleaning, Have Supplies Within Reach

Keep basic cleaning supplies (wipes, duster, dry mop, paper towels, and cleaning spray) in every room of your home for easy access. If you can easily reach them, you’re more likely to use them.

Keep the Microwave Spotless

Use the microwave to heat a bowl of water and a slice of lemon for about a minute. The steam and citric acid help loosen baked-on food. Then, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe it clean easily.

Repurpose Your Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are great at repelling dust, so use them to wipe the baseboards and furniture instead of a traditional feather duster.

Wear Socks to Clean the Floors

For dirty floors, wear dust-attracting microfiber socks. You’ll be able to collect dust and dirt as you walk around the linoleum and hardwood floors.

Switch up Your Daily Tasks

Since keeping your home clean is easier to handle a little at a time, stay motivated by choosing one room or task to focus on each day. That way, no chores pile up and feel overwhelming.

Refer to the above tips and tricks to keep the home clean with less stress.

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