A finished basement adds value to your home and provides more usable space. There are several uses for a finished basement, from a studio apartment to a game room. Transforming an unfinished basement into a heated living space adds square footage to your home, making it worth more. Here are 5 ideas to inspire you when finishing the basement.

Finishing the Basement Into a Recreational Room

If you have kids and already have enough bedrooms in your home, turn your basement into a room for them to relax away from the main living area. You can add a television with a video game console, an indoor basketball hoop, a foosball or ping pong table, and storage for toys, games, and puzzles.

When you need some peace and quiet, just send the kids down to the basement to get their energy out. If you choose to go this route, you might opt for carpeted floors for comfort and soundproofing.

Home Office

If you have been working from home but don’t have a designated office, this is a great reason to finish your basement. A basement home office allows you to work away from the day-to-day activities of the household. Your basement may be large enough that you can fit your office space and a break area with a small kitchenette.

Finishing the Basement for an Extra Bedroom

Adding to the bedroom count of your home is a great way to make it worth more. The room needs to have a heat source, a window, and a closet to count as a bedroom in the square footage.

A basement bedroom provides a space for guests to sleep, or allows your family to spread out if you have kids sharing rooms. If you don’t want to build out a closet into the refinished basement, design an open closet concept using sets of drawers and racks on the walls.

Living Room

It is nice to have a second living room or a media room. If family members enjoy watching different shows in the evenings, it is helpful to have two separate TV areas. If you don’t like having the TV playing on your main level, a media room downstairs helps contain the sound. A basement media room also buffers the sound of loud video games from the rest of the house.

Efficiency Apartment

This basement remodel takes the bedroom concept a step further. Create a studio apartment that you can rent by the day or the month. Add a small kitchenette and a bathroom to make a self-sufficient living space. You can use it as a guest area or help pay down your mortgage by using it as a short-term rental.

Finishing the basement is an investment that raises the home’s value and can provide a steady stream of income. Consider your family’s needs when deciding what type of space to turn it into.

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