Fire Pit Safety is Important

If you plan to have a fire pit at your home, take the time to learn about safety before building a fire. Fire pits can be dangerous if not used properly. Here are some of the most essential fire pit safety tips.

Consider the Wind Condition

Don’t build a fire if the wind is blowing. This will affect your fire pit safety, especially if you live in a place with dry weather or if it’s wintertime. By considering the wind conditions, you prevent unwanted accidents caused by the fire pit.

Make sure that flammable objects aren’t surrounding your fireplace. If you can see any flammable substance near the fireplace or hear a rustling sound from leaves due to strong winds, it is best to not have a fire until the situation improves.

Have an Extinguisher Nearby for Fire Pit Safety

Lighting a fire in your backyard is all well and good, but you need to make sure that the fire is safe for both you and your family. Keep a fire extinguisher within easy access to stop a fire that makes its way outside of the pit.

Also, make sure that it’s safe for everyone in your neighborhood. If someone sees smoke coming from your backyard, they might think there’s a house on fire or that their property is at risk. Notify your neighbors ahead of time if you think someone might call the fire department.

Consider the Placement of Outdoor Furniture

Keep lots of space between chairs and place them at a safe distance from the fire. If they’re positioned too close, you’re putting people at risk of injuries and your furniture might also be damaged. Keep walkways clear to reduce the chance of a fire-related accident.

Fire Pit Safety Means Never Leaving the Fire Unattended

A fire can start very quickly so it’s important to never leave it unattended. If you have to leave the fire for whatever reason, make sure that there is someone available to watch it while you’re gone. When the evening’s activities are done, don’t assume that the fire will safely burn itself out. Extinguish the fire completely and put out any smoldering coals.

Watch out for Children around the Fire

If there are going to be kids around, appoint someone to look after them and keep them safe while enjoying the fire pit. Always keep children within view when there’s a fire burning in the pit.

It’s important to practice fire pit safety when gathering outside. Be mindful of your safety and the safety of others. Take preventative steps to make sure that the fire pit will be fun and your evening will be incident-free.

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