Moving during winter is not ideal. Packing your belongings, dealing with snow and ice, and driving in bad weather makes relocating during this time of year more stressful. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a winter move.

Plan for Harsh Weather Conditions When You Prepare for a Winter Move

It’s difficult to know what kind of weather to expect on moving day. If you’ve lived in the area for several years, you know what the usual weather patterns are, but don’t count on the season to be the same as last year. Plan your travel route out and create an alternative route to use in case of harsh weather conditions. Refer to a map ahead of time in case it becomes necessary to stop for the night to weather a storm. Monitor the weather forecast and reschedule your moving service in advance if there is a winter storm predicted on your moving day.

Prepare for a Winter Move: Clear the Driveways and Walkways

Ice can be a major hazard. Your family or the movers may slip when moving boxes and furniture into or out of the house. Household items might be damaged and injuries can occur. Before moving day, clear the driveway and walking path. Shovel snow and use ice melt to make the surfaces safer for foot traffic.

Protect the Floors

Put down well-secured tarps or plastic sheets to cover the floors. The movers will be coming in and out of the house with snow and ice on their winter boots. Use plastic or canvas tarps to create a path to the front door. This will help protect the carpet during the moving process.

Prepare for a Winter Move by Making a Plan for Pets

While preparing for a winter move, make a plan for caring for your household pets. Having strangers in the home and moving to a new location is stressful for animals. While packing the moving truck, put the animals in a bedroom with the door closed. Provide food, water, blankets, and familiar toys. You and your family members can take turns spending some time with the animals during moving day. Another option is to board your pets at a local kennel.

Keep Electronics Warm

Phone batteries don’t last long during winter because the cold weather slows the chemical reactions needed for the electronics. Make sure any necessary devices are kept in a warm, insulated location. Before charging a device, let it warm up to room temperature. Charging cold electronics can cause irreparable damage, which will reduce their lifespan.

Stay Warm When Moving During Winter

When the heat is off, look for alternative ways to help keep the movers warm on moving day. The furnace can’t heat the home effectively when the door is left open or frequently opened and closed.  Take breaks and spend time in a room warmed by space heaters. Bundle up in layers that you can remove as the day gets warmer.

Make Sure the Utilities in Your New Home Are On

Before moving, make sure the utilities are on in the new house. Having running water and heat will make the first night in your new home more comfortable.

Hire Movers to Prepare for a Winter Move

Hire a professional moving firm that guarantees the safety of your belongings. Ask if the moving crew will still work in bad weather conditions. Some companies will complete the move. Others will choose not to maneuver the moving van in adverse weather conditions.

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