It’s a new year and you’ve probably made resolutions and good intentions for the future. Set yourself up for better health by making changes that promote wellness in the home. Follow these tips to support a healthier environment for you and your family.

Filter Drinking Water to Promote Wellness in the Home

It’s important to have clean water. Your family is more likely to drink water that tastes fresh and is odor-free. Order a test or request a water-quality report from your local utility company. Whether you have well water or use water from a municipal source, you likely have contaminants in the tap water.

Next, choose a water-filter based on the findings of the report. You’ll find various options, including smaller countertop filters, easy-to-use pitcher models, and whole-house filtration systems that purify the water as it enters your home. Whole-house systems also provide clean water for dishwashing, bathing, and laundry.

Improve Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Encourage your family to spend more time outside and away from computers and video games by improving outdoor living spaces. Add patio furniture, an outdoor rug, and throw pillows to make the deck more inviting. Hang a hammock between trees to create a cozy place for relaxing. Purchase games for the backyard. Popular options include bocce, badminton, and lawn dice.

Design a Home Gym

Set aside a space in your home that is ideal for working out. If you have a basement, set up your home gym downstairs. With enough space, you can include equipment like a weight bench, treadmill, or rowing machine.

If the basement isn’t an option, find an area that is at least big enough for a yoga mat. Choose basic fitness equipment that doesn’t take up too much space, like hand weights, a jump rope, a yoga mat or two, and resistance bands.

Prevent Mold Growth to Promote Wellness in the Home

Mold in the home can lead to asthma and allergy-like symptoms. Family members might experience a sore throat, sneezing, headaches, or itchy eyes. To prevent mold growth, repair roof or plumbing leaks as soon as you discover them. Instead of leaving laundry on the floor, hang wet clothes and towels to dry. Clean spills immediately and use ventilation fans in the bathroom and kitchen to help reduce humidity indoors.

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