If you’ve built a new home, your builder likely extended a warranty to you that covers defects or issues related to construction during the first year that you live in the home. Be sure to request a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month to take advantage of this coverage and save money on any needed repairs.

A Builder’s Warranty Covers Construction-Related Repair Costs

Hire a professional home inspector to conduct a builder’s warranty inspection before your warranty expires. Sometimes issues aren’t noticeable until you’ve lived in the home and used all of the systems and components regularly. The builder’s warranty will protect you in the event of poor construction or defective materials by covering the costs of repairs and replacements. 

Homeowners Benefit from a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Building a home is a huge investment. Though everything is new, it doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Your builder can’t supervise all of the subcontractors on each installation throughout the entire construction process. The warranty covers your property so that if problems do come up in the first year and are related to the construction of the home, the builder is responsible for addressing them. 

A builder’s warranty inspection will look at all of the major systems and components in the home, from the foundation to the roof. Once you receive the inspection report, you can share it with the builder and request that necessary repairs be made while you’re still covered by the warranty. 

Prepare for the Future with an Inspection

While most homeowners aren’t thinking of selling their newly built home, chances are good that you will want a different property at some point in the future. You may change jobs and need to move, your family may outgrow your home, or you may want to downsize once the kids have moved out. 

Any defects from the original construction will be discovered by a buyer’s inspection and may impact the sale of your home. You’ll save yourself from repair costs and future headaches by ordering a builder’s warranty inspection in the first year that you live in your home. Any construction-related issues, including defective materials and components, should be covered and repaired by your builder at no cost to you.

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