Cooler weather has arrived and most of us are spending a lot of time indoors. Now is a great time to tackle some upgrades to your living spaces. During the holiday season, you may not have a huge budget for projects around the house. Here is a list of winter home improvement tasks you can complete for less than $100.

Update Cabinet Hardware for an Easy Winter Home Improvement Project

New hardware for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets will update the entire space. If your cabinets have outdated handles and drawer pulls, purchase and install new ones. Hardware is available in a variety of finishes and you’ll easily find a style to match your décor. Measure the distance between the mounting holes to make sure you choose the right size when shopping for drawer handles.

Rearrange the Furniture

For a free update to your living room, bedroom, or home office, spend a weekend rearranging the furniture. You can change the look and feel of a room when you change the placement of its major components. Try to arrange the living room to create conversation areas that don’t focus on the television. Make your home office more functional by moving furniture to create a better flow.

When rearranging a room, it’s best if you can completely clear out the space before you begin. This gives you the perfect opportunity to thoroughly clean areas hidden behind furniture, including walls and carpeting.

Winter Home Improvement: Paint an Accent Wall

Paint a bold accent wall to improve your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Choose a paint color that complements the other walls in the room. Measure the wall and have a paint professional at the local home improvement store help you determine how much paint you’ll need. Choose quality paint, brushes, and rollers for the best results.

In a child’s bedroom, consider painting an accent wall in chalkboard paint. This is a quick and easy project that will create a place for art, doodles, and notes.

Replace Switchplates and Outlet Covers

When you’re stuck indoors, installing new outlet covers is another inexpensive and easy project for your home. Choose one room or purchase new covers for the entire house. You can find solid color switchplate covers at a home improvement store or shop online for more high-end versions made of metal, mother-of-pearl, copper, or faux marble.

Install a New Showerhead

Turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience by installing a waterfall showerhead. Newer showerheads are more efficient, using fewer gallons per minute than older models. You’ll enjoy a relaxing shower without sacrificing water pressure. Shop for a model that has an adjustable head and a hand-held shower wand.

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